Philosophy & Goals

Wee Care Child Development Centers will have an emphasis on the child's total development through a holistic approach; encompassing both intellectual as well as spiritual.

Wee Care will provide a holistic climate where children can be loved and nurtured; which will motivate children to be curious, active, and encouraged toward self-discipline, self-actualization through structured play and learning centers.

Children will be exposed to learning centers; such as art, math, science, and listening centers (language development). They will play, sing, role-play, develop verbal language, and participate in many art projects. As their experiences and skills increase, they will become more confident and take pride in what they do. All of this surely has immeasurable impact on the person they are becoming.

Our hope is that as these children grow up, their experiences will help them develop a holistic approach to life and have a positive self-esteem, socialization skills, spirituality, and academic skills.